Hello world!

Welcome everyone!  I am Mr. Smith.

I am a long time gamer, from table-tops & board games, to consoles, to PC (my current preference).  I was friends with Robby the Robot, and grew up watching Captain N.  I saw the birth of MMOs with Sierra’s “The Realm” and watched the gaming scene grow from the nerd in the basement to a full-time (employment worthy) pursuit. I was an avid detractor of PVP until I gave it my first honest try in SWTOR; been kinda hooked since.  I miss the RPG in MMORPG, but I realize that all things change.

I am also a computer security professional and general technophile.  I’m currently working my way through a Doctoral program for Cybersecurity.  I enjoy the philosophy of security as well as talking tech stuff in general.  I feel security is up to the individual (or organization), that people have a right to privacy, and that good security decisions are made when people are informed.

I look forward to posting my diatribes on this blog and discussing any number of topics.  Love it or hate it, I look forward to the interactions with the gaming community.  For now I’ll be tweaking this site to my tastes and goals, you can find me on Twitch as my schedule allows.

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