Game of [Dice] Thrones

Some friends and I were at a local coffee shop recently, this particular coffee place hosts 300+ board (like) games. This particular visit we were all ambivalent on what game to play so we asked the Game Guru (yes this is an actual job name at this coffee place). The Guru brought over this anime looking dice game called Dice Throne.

Now, I’m not much of a board game player, for some reason I just find them boring. Still, I was with friends and figured we’d give it a go. The game offers six heros, each with their own set of abilities (think Overwatch or even King of Tokyo). The game is played by rolling five dice and matching icons or numbers to make sets. Whatever set you can make will allow you to use the appropriate ability. With six heroes to work with you can mix and match game styles (i.e. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Free-for-All). Each play style has its own adjustment to the rule set to make it challenging, fair, simple, etc. I can honestly say it was a lot of fun, so much so that I ended up purchasing the game that night and jumping on the kickstarter for Dice Throne Season 2.

Yeah, Dice Throne, a table-top game that feels like Overwatch and plays like King of Tokyo (another great game BTW). It’s easy to jump into and really fun to test out hero ability sets. Go check out the website to get some details. Head to your local game store (or whatever) and give it a go.

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