Crowfall – The Murder is Coming

Crowfall, a self-described “Throne War” game.  A rather ingenious little concept in MMOs that pits players in full on PvP combat within 14-ish months, then resets.  Basically the gods of the universe pick and choose Crows, or “heroes”, that they grant eternal life (of sorts) to fight for them and gather resources from world throughout the multiverse(?).  Each player is granted an “Eternal Kingdom” or a place they can build, harvest, create an economy, etc.  Then a Campaign world is generated, in this Campaign world players are pitted against each other to harvest resources from the world in an all out war before the “Nothing” (for those Never Ending Story fans) destroys that world; which will take about 14 months (real-time), then rinse and repeat. Like I said its a rather interesting idea, so interesting that I chose to back it through Kickstarter and I became an investor.

The rumor-mill says the initial alpha build release will be coming later this year (4Q2018), and I am supremely excited.  I’ve been playing off-and-on throughout pre-alpha development, and while I generally dislike playing games so early, I can say that I am impressed with the progress.  Sometime in the next couple (?few?) months the Guild I am in (Reavers) will be doing some Twitch streams to show off progress and generally push interest for the game.  If you have not checked out Crowfall, I highly recommend it.  Watch the streams, regardless of who it is, read the lore, check out the mechanics.  Let me know what you think.

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