So… I Tried PUBG…

TLDR; Not a fan.

I had put off trying PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for months, for a couple big reasons:

1) I’ve been burned on pre-release/still in development games via Steam.
2) The premise just didn’t hype me.

Still, being the gamer I am, I felt it was a moral imperative to give it a shot. Now, I’ve been watching PUBG come across YouTube vids for a while and all the glitches just proved my first issue; even after the release. I figured, however, I should give it a fair shake to see if the ultimate finished product was any good. Upon release, I picked it up and gave it a good 20-ish games.

Nope. Still not a fan. The Battle Royal is (arguably) already covered in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even Star Wars Battlefront. Yeah, get those are still team-based, but I just don’t see a huge difference. And, while i don’t mind a good Overwatch Deathmatch, the solo PVP gig just isn’t my style.

In my limited PVP experience, I have found, I simply enjoy the team aspects of MMO PvPs, Overwatch, and even Battlefield and Battlefront. I like charging in with teammates and winning or losing together. Further, I think the delineations of tank, healer, and DPS help push the idea of real strategy and tactics. With the battle royal games, its just you trying to survive.

And, I guess, this is where the appeal is. One person, on their own, trying to survive an all out war against 99 other players is (no doubt) an adrenaline rush. Just not the rush I’m into I guess. And that is the point of gaming, to find what you enjoy and play the shit out of it.

So enjoy PUBG players, I wish you all the chicken dinners in the world.

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