The Gaming Hierarchy

For years now I have had this idea of a gaming hierarchy in my head.  As I’ve wandered through different gaming groups I have brought it up with a laugh and mixed agreement about where particular game-types reside.  I have never received flak about the hierarchy in, and of, itself.

Basically, the hierarchy is a construct which shows where I rank game-types (i.e. table-tops, LARP, board games, CCGs, etc.) in the world. To me it represents, at least, my perspective on how gamers from one area view gamers from another area.  The hierarchy changes from year-to-year, but some types of gaming  just never change.  Below is a little graphic of the hierarchy:

The premise is table-tops, which comprise RPGs like DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc., is the grand-daddy and has earned the top tier.  Board games and LARPs come in just below, because each of them comprise pieces of table-top. Specifically, board games provide the dice and table-top factor, while LARP provides the in-depth role-play factor.  From there you have CCGs under Board games, then Boutique and Boffer under LARPS.

I will get into my perspective on the psychology of RP gamers in a different post. Suffice it to say I generally get a lot of nods on this structure.  Regardless of whether you agree with my hierarchy or not, or perhaps you have your own, the point is to enjoy what you play.

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